"The Pioneer Gathering"

Keeping Canadian History Alive

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Want to book "The Pioneer Gathering" for your event? 

 Don't wait till Spring, do it now! 

 We accept bookings during the Fall & Winter months for the next Tourism Season. Booking early ensures the greater number & variety of available:

  • Lodges/camps 
  • Displays
  • Demonstrations
  • In-camp Competitions
  • Heritage Programming
  • Historical Vignettes
  • Advance Media Materials     

   You can book the number of individual camps you wish to make up the encampment for your event with our: 

  • $ per camp, per day equation.  For winter events, please add 10% 
  • A deposit of 10% is requested in our preparation for your event. 

We take pride in working effectively with you for the success of your event, and carry our own insurance to make our participation truly worry free.

 One email is all it takes and we do the rest!

  For bookings & fees

Contact us at


If you encounter  technical difficulties using this link,  

we graciously ask that you copy & paste the address into your email file.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


2009 "The Pioneer Gathering" Keeping Canadian History Alive

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