"The Pioneer Gathering"

Keeping Canadian History Alive

Depictions Catalog                                                                  Time Line 1740 to 1865


The following is a Catalog of "The Pioneer Gathering's" 12 Citizen/members and the Historical Era they depict in chronological order. 

                        1)  1740's to 1835,  Seamstress Miller



Also known as "Wise One of Many Talents", is a Purveyor of Fine Fripperies for the Pioneer.


                          2)  1750 to 1820, Long Bowman Mike


 Is an avid bow maker and  Master tomahawk & knife thrower.  He will show you how a Pioneer could travel light and enjoy it.  

Mike also loves a good "Wife Sale"        (a historical vignette).    





                          3)  1759 to 1792, Camp Matron Kate



Also known as "The Goat Lady", can tell you the heroic story of how the first Scots came to Canada.



                  4)  1760 to 1790, Great Lakes Fur Trader Dobson



Mr. Dobson has an extensive displays of Era Trade Goods.



                5)  1776 to 1790,  Tomahawk & Knife Thrower



Nungumoh Kwai, here in her 1750's Ojibwa Regalia, demonstrates and competes in the art of Tomahawk and Knife Throwing.





              6)  1790 to 1820, Long Riffleman/Guide Chapman



Also known as "Chuck", has an extensive display of "Era Implements" showing the ingenuity of packing small and light.


                    7)  1812, Militia Ranger/Gun smith Miller




Crafts exquisite Era Firearms







                 8)  1812 Black smith  Les



Les, travels with his Black smithing rig, and can still fashion most anything  you may require on site.










                                    9)  1812, Helen's Haberdashery



Helen travels the Land with her  "Pioneer Clothing and Quilt Shop".









                            10)  1812 Watercolourist Aitken




Watercolourist Aitken was one of many artists who recorded the events of the War of 1812


                                 11)  1800's,  Surveyor Boudreau




Also know as "Raymond Pierre Bazzard" probably has a Historical Map of your area.











                         12)  1860's Victorian Lady Elizabeth



 Also known as "Liz", demonstrates Ladies' Victorian Dress, accessories and etiquette.


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