"The Pioneer Gathering"

Keeping Canadian History Alive


     "I was very impressed by the way your group brought the history of the Canadian pioneers to life...wandering through your village was like taking a step back in time to an era that most people have only read about or seen depicted in movies or TV shows...to actually walk through the village and talk with the “pioneers” and to see them living the life is something everyone should experience..."

  ..."What impresses me and no doubt all the visitors to your encampment is how friendly and knowledgeable you all are...people can see and in some cases actually touch some of the displayed items and the fact that you use most of them while you're living on the site makes them more interesting because they're not in display cases in a museum...I overheard one woman asking one of her friends if you actually slept in the tents and cooked over open fires...she was quite impressed that you didn't spend the nights in hotels or RVs or go to Pizza Hut for supper after your visitors all left..."

  ..."I've been to Upper Canada Village, Fort Henry, Medieval Times...the one at the CNE grounds in Toronto and the Medieval Festival at Upper Canada Village, Fort George and various other historic sites in Canada and the US where there are re-enactors and I have to say that your group is good as and in most cases better than many others because you live the pioneer life 24 hours a day when you're on site...you don't go home and watch TV or sleep in an air conditioned house when the day is done...that adds to the authenticity of your encampments and generates more interest in the early history of the Canadian pioneers...you all seem to enjoy the lifestyle...it's a passion you all share..."

Visitors to Renfrew County Expo 150

"Having had this group in Bancroft twice now, I would be happy to provide a reference, answer questions, etc.  They are an amazing group, very easy to work with and the crowds just love them!”

Kimberly Crawford,                                                                                                  BA, MBA General Manager Bancroft & District Chamber of Commerce

PH 613.332.1513    FAX 613.332.2119                             www.BancroftDistrict.com                                   kcrawford@commerce.bancroft.on.ca


 ...This incredible group of individuals added a very unique element to our annual Taste of the Valley, held each year in the Village of Cobden. Taste of the Valley is a County of Renfrew agricultural event that features over 70 local agricultural producers and craftspeople showcasing local products. Taste of the Valley attracts over 7000 visitors during the course of the one-day event.

  ...The Pioneer Gathering set up one of the most colourful, informative and unique displays within the 2009 Edition of Taste of the Valley. Their dedication to the preservation of pioneer spirit, history, culture and song was a great addition to our event. They not only entertained the thousands of visitors, but they also provided a distinctive educational component. I spoke with many visitors that day and all expressed a sincere appreciation for the efforts of this group. Their accurate depiction of life in a rural pioneer environment is one that should not be missed.

     As Chair of the Organizing Committee for Taste of the Valley, I look forward to the Pioneer Gathering taking part in our 2010 Edition of our 1 day event. I recommend this group for any community event.”                                               



R. Bruce McIntyre, Co-coordinator,                                                                      2009 Taste of the Valley, Cobden Edition

Thank you again for such a great experience. It was an awesome addition to the event & we received a great deal of positive feedback from those that came.   I really hope we can do it again next year with the wagon ride idea.”

Kimberly Crawford, General Manager,                                                              Bancroft & District Chamber of Commerce,

2009 Bancroft Rock Hound Gemboree

The Pioneers of the Gathering were a great asset to Pembroke’s 150th anniversary celebrations. They were historically accurate, and actually lived on the festival grounds, authentically attired and camping with tools and equipment that early settlers would have used. The members of the group were very friendly and engaged the public, making this living history vignette a very popular attraction! We have booked them again for 2009 !"                          

Susan Ellis, Manger,                                                                                                     EconomicDevelopment, Recreation & Tourism, Pembroke, On.,

2008 Waterfront Festival

The Pioneers of the Gathering who participated in our weekend Event on the shores of the Ottawa River were a fantastic & memorable component. Many visitors returned specifically to enjoy further interaction with the ‘living history’ portrayed so well by the group. As we try to develop other events across the Ottawa Valley, The Pioneer Gathering is central to all our planning & we have recommended them to organizers of other Heritage Events”.

Alistair Baird, Event Coordinator,

2005 Deep River Rendezvous


2009 "The Pioneer Gathering" Keeping Canadian History Alive

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